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The following outlines the Price ($895.00) plus disbursements and the work we do in the conveyance:

1. Title Search – usually about $29.00

2. Crown Lease Search  - $29.00

3. Deposited Plan - $29.00 or Units Plan $29.00

4. Lease Conveyance Enquiry - $88.00

5. Encumbrances Search (if required) – price will vary as to what is disclosed on the title.

6. Any documentation from a Body Corporate if the property is a unit – either A or B class. A CLASS – APPROX $350.00 which is the 119 Certificate and 2 years minutes and if B CLASS $108.00 which is the section 119 Certificate.

- Contract and conveyancing work includes:

  • Drafting of the contract for sale and providing marketing contract;
  • Liaising with the Agent if an Agent is involved;
  • Explaining to you any terms of the contract or the process that you do not understand;
  • Sending out Contract of sale to purchaser;
  • Conducting negotiations with the purchaser/buyer on terms of the contract;
  • Exchanging the contract with the purchaser/buyer;
  • Arrange for your discharge of mortgage;
  • Liaising with the mortgagee in relation to pre-settlement requirements.
- Preparations for settlement including:
  • Obtaining any searches/enquiries required for settlement;
  • Booking settlement attendance with the lender or bank;
  • Preparation of settlement figures and forwarding to the purchaser/buyer prior to settlement;
  • Informing you of agreed settlement figures so that you know who is paid and how much they are paid;
  • Attending settlement on your behalf in person or via an agent; and
  • Providing you with post-settlement report on the settlement process and follow up on any outstanding matters arising from the conveyance work.

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