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NSW SALE of a House or Land.

The price we quote you below is our total fee inclusive of all charges. It is the total fee you will pay unless you ask us to carry out additional work or provide additional services on your behalf.

Our fixed fee for this transaction is $895.00 includes the GST, plus any disbursements. These are likely to include:

1. Title Search this will depend on the LPI charges it can be between $25 and $60.00 depending on the notations on the Title.

2. Deposited Plan Usually $25.00

3. Section 149 (2) Certificate Normally $110.00

4. Sewerage Diagram normally $25.00

5. If the seller needs to use a Trust Account, a fee of $66.00 will be charged.

Please note that any encumbrances registered on the title are ordered at an additional cost to the client. If there is more than one dwelling on the land, some of the searches may need to be carried out in respect to each dwelling at additional cost.

Contract and conveyance work including:

    • Drafting of the contract for sale;
    • Drafting Vendor disclosure documents;
    • Liaising with Agent if there is one;
    • Explaining to you any terms of the contract or the process that you do not understand;
    • Doing the discharge of mortgage;
    • Conducting negotiations with the purchaser/buyer on terms of the contract;
    • Exchanging the contract with the purchaser/buyer; and
    • Liaising with the mortgagee in relation to pre-settlement requirements

   Preparations for settlement including:

    • Obtaining any searches/enquiries required for settlement;
    • Booking settlement attendance with the lender or bank;
    • Preparation of settlement figures;
    • Informing you of agreed settlement figures so that you know who is paid and how much they are paid;
    • Attending settlement on your behalf in person or via an agent; and
    • Providing you with post-settlement reporting on the settlement process and follow up any outstanding matters arising from the conveyance work.

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